Sunday, April 11, 2010

College Visits in Albany, NY

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Seniors are out making those final visits before deciding where to go to college next year and I was out visiting with them. It was sunny and over 80 degrees when I visited Siena College, Students were out on the lawn sunbathing and playing frisbee. It could have been a magazine shoot. I saw several of the Franciscan friars who live on campus interacting with students. I was very impressed with the business and the pre-med programs at Siena.

On Friday the weather was cloudy and blustery as I made my way to SUNY Albany, for a tour. The SUNY schools have become increasingly hard to get into. According to the admissions counselor, they accepted less than 45% this year. The new nanotechnology program is drawing a lot of funding and students. The Albany campus has a consistent architectural imprint based on designs of Edward Stone. One parent said, "I bet there is as much concrete here as in the Pentagon". I don't know if that's the case but there is a lot. Great for the skateboarders I saw though.

Friday afternoon I made my way to the College of St. Rose
which is within biking distance of SUNY Albany. This campus has eclectic architecture with modern brick buildings interspersed with Victorian buildings painted in the signature white and yellow motif of the Golden Knights of St. Rose. The students were especially friendly and laid back here. The campus is filled with gorgeous art that reflects its terrific art program. My guide was a music industry major which is not common to a lot of colleges. I was quite impressed with the new facilities available for those working in digital music, TV etc. The Education Dept. is also strong here with an on campus nursery school available for student teaching and learning.

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