Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shopping for College Freshman

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This is not your typical packing list. This is supposed to be a list of useful but often forgotten items. Bringing some of these items may save you from standing in a gargantuan line at Target with other students waiting to pay for dorm items.

Most freshman have never shared a room so they don't think about the need for extension cords to hook up all the electronics from a few outlets. A white noise machine may never be used but if you need one it's critical and you won't find out until the middle of the night when you roommate is snoring or talking in their sleep.

Top Ten Items Freshman Wish they had brought to College

1) Extension Cords

2) Fan

3) Extra Hangars

4) Odor Eaters for Gym Bag

5) White Noise Machine

6) Sleep Mask

7) Stacking storage bins

8) Beanbag or Folding Chair

9) Rug

10) Digital Photo Frame

1 comment:

  1. Lucia,

    As someone who sleeps with a snorer, I totally agree that a white noise machine is a good investment. College students don't spend a lot of time sleeping, but when they do head to bed, it's important that they have an uninterrupted rest.

    I'd also like to add Duct tape to your packing list. It can come in handy in a variety of unusual ways!