Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dealing with Homesickness

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The "millenials" as this generation is sometimes referred to tend to be closer to their families than past generations. They are in constant contact via cell phone and Facebook. Starting a new life in college away from family can sometimes seem overwhelming despite the e-contact. Watching mom and dad drive away can be a scary moment especially for students who have never been away from home for travel or camp.

Many students have found the following ideas helpful when dealing with feelings of homesickness.

1) Help someone else in any way you can. This can range from computer help to help with laundry. The community may also be looking for student volunteers.

2) Get involved in campus activities. If you are not sure what you want to join yet, tag along with people in your dorm. Try new things that you may never have done before like Ultimate Frisbee or rock-climbing.

3) Try to find work either on or near campus to help you feel connected.

4) Invite a new acquaintance to do something even if it is as simple as going for coffee to talk.

5) Make food for new found friends on your floor. It could be as simple as brownies! yum

There are also some things that should be avoided so as not to increase homesickness.

1) Frequent trips home if you live nearby. This only puts off the adjustment.

2) Phone calls home at times that force you to opt out of campus activities.

3) Listening exclusively to nostalgic music that makes you sad and reminds you of HS days.

4) Inviting HS friends to visit every weekend. In effect you stall your new friendships.

If none of these ideas help you should definitely make an appointment with a professional counselor on staff at your college.

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  1. I'm wondering if there is a clear difference in the level of homesickness that a student experiences based on whether they attend an out-of state college vs. a school that is close to (or even in) their hometown.