Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Care Packages for College Students

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Students love care packages from home. Lena, a college freshman, was thrilled to get her favorite chocolate chip muffins in a recent care package from her mom. Care packages are always welcome but they are particularly appreciated around exam time when every student needs a little encouragement. Many universities including Harvard and Cornell have sprouted businesses that specialize in assembling and sending care packages for that special student. Although the thought is the same, using your credit card to buy a gift package is not quite the same level of care as something with a more personal home-made touch.

So what kinds of care packages could you assemble for your student?

1) The bakery package- Home made cookies, brownies, muffins, biscotti etc.

2) The chocolaholic package -M & Ms, small chocolate pizza, cocoa mix, chocolate covered pretzels, home-made fudge etc.

3) The Halloween package- Scary mask, can of plastic string, face paint, gummy worms, gummy bats, and gummy spiders, chocolate pumpkins, popcorn balls, apples

3)The movie night package-Italian sodas, Gourmet popcorn, pistachio nuts, pretzels, gummy bears, Hershey's kisses etc

4) The comfort package- Dry packaged chicken noodle soup, Celestial Seasonings variety of tea, ginger ale, shearling flip flops, microwaveable neck pad, special interest magazines

5) The Asian food lovers pkg.- Wasabi peas, rice crackers, sesame candy, variety of green teas

6) The sleep tight package- Ear plugs, sleep mask, mellow music mix on a CD,lavender oil

7) The exam package- Protein bars, Tazo tea variety pack, trail mix, ramen noodles, chocolate covered espresso beans

It is great to include a personal note with the package. They can be humorous or serious depending upon the occasion. Expressions of encouragement are especially helpful when the student is not feeling well or is facing exams.

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  1. This is a great post on care packages with all sorts of imaginative and quirky themed ideas!

    Coincidentally I was just getting ready to assemble a "fall" package for my oldest son in Texas, where the weather is still more like summer.

    Your suggestions will help me be supportive throughout his freshman year.