Friday, October 29, 2010

VIP applications: Faster than a running cheetah

What is a VIP college application? This is a short application sent directly to students by colleges which is much shorter allowing for a fast "turn-around" with an an admissions decision. Colleges who have this application type often send out an application when a student has indicated special interest by visiting or requesting more information. Other terms for the VIP app. are short app. or fast app.

I remember receiving one of these applications via e-mail after I visited the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. During my tour and visit, I made it quite clear that I was an independent counselor, yet I continued to get e-mails encouraging me to apply for at least a month.

What colleges send out these fast applications? It changes from year to year but some of the ones that have done this in the past include Baylor, Case Western, Drexel,Ohio Wesleyan, RIT, RPI, Stonehill, Tulane, University of Minnesota, University of the Pacific, University of Vermont, and Ursinus.

Parents ask me if these applications are favorable for the student and I say yes because they can get back a quick response providing the HS guidance folks submit their information early. In addition, most of these applications do not include an essay which is favorable for students who struggle with writing.

Colleges benefit from this process as well because they get on the student's radar screen early before it is too crowded. First love, first car, and first college acceptance are all pretty special.

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