Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can Seniors Relax?

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It's spring and for high school seniors their mind is on anything and everything except school. This coming week there will be AP exams and that is the final push for most students. Colleges have already sent out their acceptances for the most part. Is it safe to coast to graduation?

The answer is "It depends." What do you mean by coasting? If you mean getting "B"s instead of "A"s, it is probably OK. If it means skipping school, playing pranks, and getting "C"s or lower, it is not OK.

The colleges have developed an array of consequences for students who don't work at all at the end of HS. I have listed some of their possible actions below.

1) They can rescind the admission offer.
This is rare but it does happen, most often at highly selective colleges.

2) They can require you to take a remedial course.
Do you really want to substitute a remedial course for something you are interested in?

3) They can require you to take summer school.

4) It can affect your ability to get into special programs offered by the college.

In short, you have spent years of work getting to this moment in your education. Why risk it!

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