Thursday, May 13, 2010

Should I take an AP, Honors, or Regular Class?

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Students and Parents often ask me, " Is it better to get an A in a regular class versus a lower grade in an Honors or AP class for college admissions?"

The standard answer to this from various admissions offices that I have talked to is not satisfying. The standard response is, "It is best to get an A in the most difficult course possible". This really states the obvious.

Clearly, you do need to show colleges that you are challenging yourself. My rule of thumb is; take the AP or honors class if you think that you can achieve at least a B in the course. If you are likely to get a C or lower because you have always struggled in the subject (science for example) it is better to take the less challenging course and keep up your GPA.

Keep in mind that the ultra-competitive colleges (such as Middlebury, Pomona, Columbia, Cornell etc.) like to see plenty of AP classes, IB courses or college classes on the transcript especially if they are offered by your school.

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